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Created exclusively to help you achieve your goals in understanding and spreading the WPD messages and living a life of joy, purpose, compassion, and radiant health ~

Greetings World Peace Diet afficionados!  We are excited to share with you the benefits of the World Peace Diet Circle to assist you in reaching your goals of deepening your understanding of the crucial messages in The World Peace Diet, and living a life in alignment with your core principles. 

In order to help the many people interested in implementing the teachings from Dr. Tuttle's book, lectures, and trainings, and taking what they have learned to the next level, we’ve decided that a continued online program with monthly tele-conferences would be the most efficient and effective way to do so for a number of reasons.

The most important reason is that this membership site will allow you to take advantage of the many proven resources and tools that wouldn’t be available to you because it’s not possible to duplicate Dr. Will Tuttle in real time with each person individually.

Now you can get the support and help you need through this exclusive program. We are committed to working with you to take the principles and ideas you've learned to the next level. When you have questions your membership materials have answers and inspiration.

Another important reason is this WPD Circle will allow us to continue developing community, networking, and growing relationships with people who are aspiring to meet the same common goals. There’s nothing more discouraging than setting a goal and finding yourself surrounded by negative people and opinions that slow you down, and in some cases bring your attempts to reach that higher level to a standstill.

It is an exciting adventure that we are on! Our culture is entering periods of increasingly rapid change, and our vegan message is more important than ever. There is no more noble and benevolent calling than to come to this Earth, free ourselves from the toxic food program of violence toward animals, people, and the Earth, and then help others to do the same. We are dedicated to helping to create the foundation of a new world where peace, freedom, justice, sustainability, abundance, and radiant health are possible and natural for everyone.

In order to facilitate this grass-roots vegan movement of compassion and health, Dr. Tuttle and his team have created this WPD Circle to support you in increasing your understanding and effectiveness, and reaching your goals. With the proper tools, support system, and encouragement, you can be more confident and sucessful in your efforts and also reach more people effectively with the vegan message.

World Peace Diet Circle Vision Statement

To create a vibrant ongoing community of people dedicated to ever more effectively embodying and advocating the vegan ideals of compassion for all life, lovingkindness, respect, and nonviolence, and creatively spreading the vegan message for the benefit of all.

So, how does this World Peace Diet Circle site work?

We are offering this program at a minimal suggested donation, just to cover our monthly expenses, and the time required to maintain and develop it, to help support our ongoing work of spreading the vegan message.

Here is what you get as a member of the World Peace Diet Circle:

  • Q and A teleconference calls with Dr. Will Tuttle on the third Thursday of each month. Dr. Tuttle also invites, from time to time, leading figures in the vegan, health, and animal liberation movements to join us in the monthly discussions, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask them questions. Besides these main 3rd Thursday calls, Dr. Tuttle often includes 1st Thursday Zoom calls that are focused on meditation and healing. These calls are about 60 minutes and the 3rd Thursday main calls are typically abvout 90 minutes. Both are at 5 pm Pacific time, and are recorded for later listening, if you can't be on the call, or wish to re-listen to the material. On the main monthly calls, we have had John Robbins, Rory Freedman, Harold Brown, Colleen Patrick-Goodreau, Melanie Joy, Keith McHenry, Richard Schwartz, John Pierre, Rae Sikora, Howard Lyman, Jonathan Balcombe, Janice Stanger, Marisa Miller Wolfson, and others as guests, for example.

  • You're helping to support the ongoing World Peace Diet efforts to spread the vegan message through this Circle as well as new projects Dr. Tuttle is developing, such as lecture tours as well as film, audio, print, and online resources. You can be an important part of our team, and receive advance complimentary copies of these resources as they come available.

  • Access to the archives of the monthly teleconference/webinar calls with Dr. Tuttle, beginning with the call of April 21, 2011, with Rory Freedman.

  • Unlimited access to our World Peace Diet Facilitator private Facebook group to network, discuss questions and share strategies and ideas, and grow the community.

  • E-mail support from Dr. Will Tuttle to answer your burning questions.

  • Tips and advice on how to spread the WPD message while living your passion.

  • Support materials, including exclusive Monthly Resources of videos and articles regarding current ecvents and developments of int4rest to the World Peace Diet vegan community, delivered on a monthly basis. You will also be kept "in the loop" as far as future developments, openings, and opportunitites in the WPD community.

  • Continued ongoing access to our Membership Website, so all of the Resources are at your fingertips.

Sign up below to join us on our next Monthly Call. You will be able to access every teleconference we have done to date, so you'll never be left behind. All are recorded for your convenience.

Please join us today -- we look forward to connecting and growing with you.


The World Peace Diet Circle team

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