World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Dr. Will Tuttle
Dear Friend

* Are you concerned about our culture's mistreatment of people, animals, and the Earth?

* Do you feel called to help create a positive future for our children and the world?

* Do you long to untangle the hidden roots of the dilemmas we face as individuals & a society?

* Do you aspire to develop skills to embody, share, and teach healthy and compassionate living for service, fun, and/or your livelihood?

The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training Program is created by Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, to provide effective responses to these questions, to help you thrive as a vegan, and to empower you to help create a more harmonious and healthy world.

The World Peace Diet 8-Module Facilitator Training Program

To those of you familiar with it, Will Tuttle’s The World Peace Diet presents a large-scale vision for the transformation of our culture based on understanding the hidden and remarkably powerful implications of our food choices.

There Is No Nobler Calling

Society's social, environmental, and health problems are escalating rapidly. Yet, mainstream media (and even most alternative media) remain virtually silent on the importance of food and vegan values. The time has come for an effective and enthusiastic grass-roots educational movement to rise up and build a more enlightened society that cares for everyone--a society that reflects the wisdom and compassion of our true nature.

With understanding and commitment, we can all be part of this revolution.

That’s why Dr. Will Tuttle has created this completely self-paced online World Peace Diet Facilitator Training Program. It will provide you a unique opportunity to contribute to the healing of our world (and of ourselves).

Eight modules of direct instruction and Q&A with Dr. Tuttle will empower you to more deeply engage in, understand, and convey to others the living principles of The World Peace Diet.

You will be certified as a World Peace Diet Facilitator upon successful completion of the course, giving you the deeper understanding, confidence, and credibility that helps you be more effective in this growing and important movement.

This enriching self-paced eight-module program offers digital recordings of twelve hours of Dr. Tuttle's in-depth discussion of all of the teachings of The World Peace Diet, plus exercises and Q&A to give you increased insight.

The program also includes guest lectures by knowledgeable vegan experts such as Dr. Janice Stanger of The Perfect Formula Diet and Sassy Knutson of, as well as access to community forums, valuable supplemental readings and special videos by Dr. Tuttle and his wife Madeleine, vegan chef extraordinaire.

The WPD Circle--
Continue to Be a Part of The
World Peace Diet Community

As a participant in the WPD Facilitator Training, you will gain valuable access to a growing community of empowered vegan advocates, just like you.

You will also receive free access to our World Peace Diet Circle. This program features 2 monthly LIVE World Peace Diet Zoom teleconference calls. On the 3rd Thursday of each month Dr. Tuttle responds to your questions and discusses the ways we can thrive as vegans. Together we discover how to improve our ability to effectively and respectfully influence others to live healthy and compassionate lives. On the 1st Thursday of each month, Dr. Tuttle conducts an open meditation for world healing.

Dr. Tuttle often features special guests on the monthly calls to join in and offer their perspectives on current issues. You will have the opportunity to ask these special guests and thought leaders questions—so you'll have the opportunity to connect with people like Rory Freedman, Harold Brown, John Robbins, Melanie Joy, Colleen Patrick-Goodreau, Keith McHenry, Howard Lyman, Jonathan Balcombe, Rae Sikora, Richard Schwartz, Marisa Miller Wolfson, John Pierre, and many other leading figures in the vegan, health, and animal liberation movements.

These calls are recorded so you can listen later, also. The WPD Circle is a valuable part of this training, and includes people who are enrolled in or have completed the WPD Mastery Program or Facilitator Training.

This WPD Facilitator Training 8-module program also includes two short writing assignments -- a mid-term assignment and a final assignment. Your writings will be emailed directly to Dr. Tuttle, who will provide you with individualized feedback and insight.

Thrive in a Career As a Certified
World Peace Diet Facilitator

As an added bonus, you can potentially earn income by spreading the most important message of our time in a rewarding and uplifting way. Use your WPD Facilitator Certification--signed by Dr. Tuttle--to organize classes and study groups in your community, start a related business, enhance your holistic practice, coach people, or otherwise become a valued resource in this rapidly growing movement. This professional-level training will equip you to effectively spread the vegan message to others.

This course is not for everyone. We are looking for people who are sincerely motivated to understand the roots of health, peace, and freedom, and share those ideas and insights with fellow explorers of compassionate, sustainable, and healthy living.

As soon as you register, you will receive access to all eight modules and can go through them completely at your own pace, as quickly or as slowly as you like. Each module includes a 90-minute downloadable MP3 audio recording of Dr. Tuttle’s lesson for that week, plus written overviews, notes, and supplemental readings.

The World Peace Diet 4-Module Mastery Program

In addition to the 8-module WPD Facilitator Training, Dr. Tuttle is also offering a 4-module World Peace Diet Mastery Program. This shorter introductory program provides an excellent foundation for the 8-module Facilitator Training. It is recommended for those of you who seek to maximize your familiarity and in-depth understanding of the transformational ideas in the WPD and put them into practice effectively.

This self-paced 4-module Mastery Program is a complete program in and of itself, and is also the perfect preparation for the eight-module World Peace Diet Facilitator Training. This program creates the foundation for understanding, living, and learning to articulate the big-picture WPD vision of nutritional sanity, spiritual awakening, and cultural transformation.

The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training and WPD Mastery Program are offered at the lowest possible prices, just covering costs and time, to provide you with a liberating and empowering one-of-a-kind educational experience.

Sign Up With a Study Buddy ~ 50% Off!

You can also register a Study Buddy free of charge when you sign up for either the 8-module Facilitator Training Program or for the 4-module Mastery Program. Your Study Buddy will have complete access to the program and Facilitator Certification at no extra cost

In this way, you will have the support of a friend or colleague, and (if you choose) effectively receive a 50% discount by splitting the full cost of the program with your Study Buddy.

It is time for our culture to make a quantum-healing leap. We welcome you to join us in being the voice of change by enrolling in the WPD Mastery and Facilitator Training Programs!

You can participate in this exciting adventure of positive personal and cultural change, and register for the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training right below, on this page. WE welcome you to tell your friends and colleagues about this also. There is a full guarantee on everything.

In Kindness and Respect for All Life
Be the Change We Wish to See in the World

As we honor the wisdom in Mahatma Gandhi’s words, and make an effort to be the change we wish to see in the world, we can co-create a new culture based on the principles of kindness and respect for all life. Growth in health, in abundance, and in inner peace and joy are inevitable as we incorporate the principles of connectedness and mindfulness into our lives.

This training will show you how to do this effectively and support you in the most positive change you can make in your life, and in the shared life of our culture.

About Dr. Will Tuttle

In his book, The World Peace Diet, and in the WPD Facilitator Training, Dr. Tuttle illuminates the living core of this culture we have all been born into in a way that no one has ever done before. How was he able to write this culture-transforming book? He spent years in meditation, working to understand directly the truth of existence, beyond the cultural conditioning we all receive, and lived as a Zen monk in Korea back in the 1980s.

He spent years in music, composing uplifting original piano music, and performing hundreds of concerts throughout North America and Europe. He spent years in academia, reading voraciously, studying, writing, and teaching courses in philosophy, humanities, mythology, comparative religion, and creativity.

He graduated with highest honors from both San Francisco State University for his masters degree, and went on to receive his Ph.D. Degree from the number one ranked graduate school of education in North America, U.C., Berkeley. His groundbreaking Ph.D. dissertation on educating intuition was nominated for the Best Dissertation Award at U.C., Berkeley, that year.

With his unique blend of intellectual rigor, spiritual sensitivity, musical creativity, and his encyclopedic understanding of sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, literature, world religions, animals, and over 35 years as a vegan advocate, he will guide you on a fascinating journey of discovery. Dr. Tuttle will help you see the liberating big picture of our culture, and learn how to live a life with more freedom, joy, meaning, clarity, depth, and more radiant health as well.

"When we cultivate mindful awareness of the consequences of our food choices and conscientiously adopt a plant-based way of eating, refusing to participate in the domination of animals and the dulling of awareness this requires, we make a profound statement that both flows from and reinforces our ability to make connections. We become a force of sensitivity, healing, and compassion. We become a revolution of one, contributing to the foundation of a new world with every meal we eat. As we share our ideas with others, we promote what may be the most uplifting and healing revolution our culture has ever experienced." - The World Peace Diet, Dr. Will Tuttle

World Peace Diet Success Stories

Some feedback from peers and our students about Dr. Will Tuttle, his work, and the World Peace Diet Mastery and Facilitator Training Programs.

"I believe this course is one of, if not THE most important course being offered through the Internet. These teachings have the power to change our world and the more who will learn from Dr. Tuttle, the better." – Mary M., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"You get 10 times more than what you pay for. The entire course was filled with so much valuable information, special guests, bonuses and unexpected gifts that it was sometimes hard for me to keep with it." – Stefan W., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"We continue to enjoy your course, immensely, and are impressed with the excellence. The lectures are superb (just listened to Module 5 yesterday), and the study materials are comprehensive. The bonus gifts are very generous, and we are making use of, and enjoying, all of them. What an amazing world of outreach you and Madeleine and your colleagues have put together to inspire others." – Christine M., WPD Facilitator

Julia Butterfly Hill

"I wish I could get everyone in my life to take this training. It is so comforting to know that I have become part of a vegan community where others think and feel as I do. Hearing Will discuss the topics gives the book a meaningful and intimately personal message." – Andi R., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"I would recommend this training first for the liberation of animals, and secondly for the liberation of humans. I would recommend it because of what it has done for my life. I cannot think of a better gift for anyone." – Sandra H., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"The facilitator training has helped me gain confidence as a vegan activist and feel ever more connected to other vegan revolutionaries!" – Theresa B., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Brilliant! I have realized a deeper sense of inner peace as part of this training." – Jerry S., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Satya Magazine

"Every week is a golden nugget of love, compassion, and support for a community of vegans and non-vegans alike who desire to spread the message of peace." – Ameena J., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"This course laid the strong, vital foundation to move forward. Words cannot convey my deep, sincere appreciation for such a masterful piece of work (both this course and the book). Everything is so well organized. Madeleine’s art is so beautiful to look at and I appreciate the aesthetic beauty incorporated into “school.” The experience was truly a pleasure and I always looked forward to the calls. The forums are a great way to contribute our own pieces as I find myself with the urge to give back in some way. Most of all, we are given so much information and support, there is really no way to feel lost or empty." – Diana C., World Peace Diet Facilitator

John Robbins

"I would consider Will Tuttle’s book, The World Peace Diet, the most complete book I have read on the vegan message. The training has taken this understanding to a deeper level. He brings many resources and very interesting guests to the weekly talks. There has been an incredible community of support and education created through the message boards. I don’t know how Will Tuttle does it. The attention he gives, to our questions, struggles and successes is amazing. He makes us all feel personally connected and valued. It is this connection I feel that is the most valuable of all. One can feel his positive energy coming through supporting us through what is painful and difficult to see and the task ahead. His heart shines through. My heart keeps awakening to itself." – Norman S., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"There is a wealth of critical information that is presented in a concise, helpful manner, and that empowers the vegan activist to be more prepared, knowledgeable and effective in their efforts to share the message." – Beth R., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Dr. Michael Klapper

"The range of media, videos, documentaries, articles, and human connections is just fabulous. Also highly valued is the connection with a community of sincere people who really care...many new friends have been made and it is wonderful to know that we share such deep care for animals. I particularly appreciated your emphasis on the spiritual aspect in The World Peace Diet which you didn’t isolate from the vegan path but instead showed the interrelationship of both. The training is a wonderful course run with a generosity of spirit that touches people." – Gypsy W., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Reading The World Peace Diet is only a first step toward harmonizing one’s diet and life activities with natural order. In order to become more fully energized, it is helpful to listen to the author explain these concepts in detail, and to interact and fellowship with others who understand the vegan imperative." – P.M., World Peace Diet Facilitator


"This is a marvelous asset to anyone who is interested in being more compassionate, and in being more vegan." – Zach F., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Having this training was life changing for me, and I am grateful for having an online option. Besides having the BEST teacher of the vegan message, with the best book on the subject, the course itself was prepared so professionally, easy to navigate, and was packed full of information, readings, videos, articles, and more. A great learning experience!" – Dianne S., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"The WPD Facilitator training program brings people together from all over the world to hold a vision of what a non-violent future can look like. The training helps people become more congruent with their lifestyle choices and become more committed to the cause of animal rights and vegan advocacy." – Jane B., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Carolena Nericcio

"I felt part of something great, and Dr. Tuttle's voice and messages were soothing, calming and quite influential. I loved the guest speakers and their helpful ways to apply the principles of the WPD to our everyday lives. The community forum online was significant so that we really had a chance to interact with other students who were learning alongside us. It allowed for wonderful discussions about the concepts of the WPD and brainstorming ideas for activism." – Elana P., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training is more than just education about veganism. It offers community and connection, with many ideas on how best to spread the message of The World Peace Diet. In addition to providing comprehensive information about the history, evolution and many aspects of food consumption and its ramifications, it offers a spiritual component that is key for personal growth and the practice of compassion for the animals, the planet, all human beings and ourselves." – Cynthia S., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Victoria Moran

"Prior to reading The World Peace Diet I would often discuss the vegetarian/vegan way of living in a very aggressive manner. I often got angry and frustrated with people and I believe got to the point that I was completely despondent and no longer spoke about my values. Now that I have gained a HUGE understanding through the WPD and the facilitator training, I look at people in a totally different light and have my passion back. It simply takes a ‘switch’ to be flicked in order for people to move from violence and suffering to love and compassion. The World Peace Diet is the perfect tool for the ‘flick of the switch’!" – Sapphire M., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"I would *highly* recommend WPD training—not only to others interested in vegan living, but also to everyone who eats (everyone!). While reading the book is certainly necessary (in my opinion), the book can be overwhelming and all the material can truly begin to blur together-- making it difficult to organize one’s thoughts and simplify ideas when discussing veganism with others. The way that this training breaks it down into the root mentalities (created from seeing animals as objects to be used) that are shaping our lives and harming our world is refreshing. It all is really so simple, yet so profound in its implications-- and the weekly discussions truly facilitate the ability to digest vegan information with ease." – Amanda H., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Mark Stroud

"The course was very inspiring and has been fundamental in helping me to move towards the point of sharing the message more effectively.
" – Julia S., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Connecting with Dr. Tuttle was inspirational. Listening to the weekly lectures gave me great motivation to live as an example of compassion." – Nina V., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Gretchen Chlebowski

"Listening to all the wonderful ideas presented in class was inspiring. The ideas themselves were inspiring, but so was the understanding that it's OK to have my own ideas. The class opens new worlds on many levels. Sometimes I feel like I've been walking through a tunnel for many years, but now I've come to the end of the darkness and stand gazing at unfathomable beauty and light."
– Mickey W., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Maria Heller

"I would recommend this facilitator training to anyone who is interested in the vegan lifestyle. Through this training I was able to connect with other like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community. Many invaluable ideas were shared, both during the lectures and on the discussion forum, which gave me some new tools that will hopefully enable me to more effectively spread the vegan message." – Julie L., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Whether experienced in the vegan lifestyle, just starting out or simply contemplating making a change, this program is eye- and mind-opening. The course is steeped in wisdom and the support you receive is awesome. Sign up for this course and expect a transformation!" – Karen R., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

"The WPD training puts it all together in a complete package that allows us to bring the message to others who are interested. The opportunity to interact with Will and others is an invaluable experience in developing your own personal vegan perspective and message." – Rich R., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"I would definitely recommend this facilitator training program to anyone interested in the vegan message and especially to those who are not." – Kathy C., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Dr. Daniel Redwood

"The training is a wonderful way for those interested in vegan living and in spreading the vegan message to inform and equip themselves with the knowledge to make them happy and committed vegans, and to empower themselves to impart this knowledge to others in a convincing yet respectful way. The course is about so much more than mere nutrition, the health benefits of a meatless diet, or “animal rights,” which is what “vegan” means to most people, if they have even heard the term. The course takes participants into the “deep structures” of veganism and offers a way out of the malaise in which modern society is stuck by revealing and exploring the interconnectedness of all life. Spiritual awakening and the transformation of the world are strong themes of this course.
      The great beauty and strength of the course is that one joins a supportive community of kindred spirits who inspire one another as the journey of discovery proceeds. Through online community forums one is able to share ideas and thoughts and experiences with others, and receive helpful feedback and advice. The warmth, friendliness, respect and care that people have for one another and the friendships that develop are wonderful. People of all religious traditions as well as those who do not identify with any particular tradition all feel at home in this course. Supplementary course material cast more light on the themes of each module. The assignments that are part of the course are creative and enjoyable and allow one to express oneself freely. Upon “graduating” from the course, a number of possibilities open up: facilitating a study group in your community, blogging, mentoring, consulting, becoming a resource person for veganism in your community, and even making your livelihood from your new-found expertise."
– Neil R., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"I learned so much and I thought I knew a lot!" – Patricia H., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Mike Anderson

"I think that vegans are so much on the edge of a new paradigm that they feel isolated which leads to frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed. It was both wonderful and epic to realize that vegans from all over were communicating and exchanging ideas. Additionally, it is financially affordable and flexible regarding scheduling." – Joan N., World Peace Diet Facilitator

                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"It is the most comprehensive study of veganism as a solution that exists. It answers the question, “What does being a vegan accomplish?”, and the training imprints it on your heart and in your mind in such a way that you will never forget what you now know. In addition, the community and the continuation of this community through the forums and the WPD Facilitators Circle is immensely valuable." – Tara G., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Carolena Nericcio

"The training has shown me that in order to transmit this message to others I must watch myself carefully and be aware of any tendency to judge or moralize. There is a real probability of changing the world for the better if those who walk can ‘talk their walk’. In other words, those who are vegan can talk about it. However, there is a crucial need for the message to be conveyed in the most effective way possible and the training provides all the guidance, tools and resources needed to show how we vegans can raise awareness about the impact of our food choices in a way that is non-confrontational, well-informed, robust yet compassionate."
– Nicola V., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"The main reason I’m so comfortable in recommending The World Peace Diet is that it is written with endless love: everyone who reads the book feels included in the Oneness of Being. No one need feel blamed for their previous violent way of eating. The World Peace Diet training opens eyes and ears and hearts, and once one ‘knows,’ there is no going back." – Rohan M., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Judy Carman

"This course is worth every penny and ounce of effort! I recommend this training for anyone who feels as if they are swimming in despair for the world, or those who feel they are alone in the battle of raising consciousness through our dietary choices, or anyone who feels a need to strengthen their intention! The incredible support of the global community of animal and peace activists and the guidance of Dr. Tuttle, are priceless!"
– Sarah H., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Howard Lyman

"The WPD training uncovers and examines the core issues, and their roots, of our present society in a very thorough, well-referenced manner. To understand these core issues will make for a more effective pro-vegan message, regardless of the individual vegan's personal interest, be it animal rights, health, environmental concerns, economics or spiritual pursuits."
– Cyndi M., World Peace Diet Facilitator
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"The World Peace Diet text itself is both profound and life changing, and this training allowed yet more thought, material and exchange of ideas to be included in the total WPD experience. I believe the training was comprehensive, well organized and invaluable to those who are interested in vegan living and in spreading the vegan message." – Sharon H., World Peace Diet Facilitator

Norm Phelps

"Building this great community of like-minded activists will save our precious Earth. The training really shows us how to spread the word effectively, without judging. I received a lot of inspiration from the calls and a great feeling of spiritual connection. The inter-activity with the many guests was very helpful. I feel my intuition expanding and developing. Practicing role-play really helps. Before the class I really felt alone and isolated. This class gave me a much-needed spiritual awakening. The ideas are so profound that it seems overwhelming." – Scott W., World Peace Diet Facilitator

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What does the Program Include?

This program is different from anything you have seen before. We are using the latest cutting-edge technology to bring you up-close and personal with Dr. Tuttle and a growing worldwide community of World Peace Diet Facilitators.

Participants receive an all-inclusive pass to a membership site for the program. Here, you will receive all course materials, exclusive audios, videos, access to the live monthly tele-seminars, and the ability to connect with others in a community forum designed for you and fellow students of the program.

Together we will deepen our understanding of the roots of our culture’s dilemmas. And together we will create the tools to most joyfully and effectively contribute to the positive transformation of our communities.

Through lectures by Dr. Tuttle, exercises, meditations community forum discussions, and live monthly discussion with Q&A, we will have the opportunity to engage at depth with the transformative ideas in The World Peace Diet, and deepen our capacity to be the change we want to see in the world.


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Next Steps

What Will You Do With All You Learn?

This World Peace Diet Facilitator Training works on two levels. At one level, it is transformational, and the benefits are greater self-understanding and the freedom and empowerment coming with that.

Beyond this, what are some of the things you can do with a certification as a World Peace Diet Facilitator?

* Enrich yourself with the tools and confidence to lecture, teach, and network in a chosen niche area (such as ecology, health, spirituality, social justice, and animal advocacy)

* Use the expertise gained to facilitate a World Peace Diet study group in your community, and raise consciousness, help others, and potentially be compensated in the process.

* Start an online business to educate and inspire others.

* Create your own e-books, audio books, blog, video, or other helpful content to position yourself as a valuable resource in the vegan community and in our world.

* Develop a practice as a vegan coach, mentoring others in their journey to greater health, happiness, and compassion.

* Spread the teachings in public forums as a writer, artist, filmmaker, teacher, facilitator, organizer, or networker.

* Start your own company or consulting firm guided by the confidence and knowledge gained in the WPD Facilitator Training Program.

* Create your own organization that offers educational and inspirational presentations to schools and community groups.

* The opportunities are limitless!

Our future of health, kindness, abundance, freedom, and awakened understanding is beckoning! Thanks for hearing the call, being the change, and being a key part of the solution!

Money Back Guarantee

World Peace Diet Money-Back Guarantee

Our promise is to do our best to instill reverence, respect, understanding, and confidence, so that participants develop the clarity and inner motivation to respond wisely to the inevitable challenges we face as vegans and vegan advocates, and can live with greater integrity, joy, health, effectiveness, and meaning.

If after Module 2 of either the World Peace Diet Mastery Program or the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training Program you haven't had major insights in these areas, or are dissatisfied with the program, just let us know within 2 business days, and we'll refund your complete tuition — without hassle or difficulty.

With this quality of education and the insights and techniques that you will be receiving, you are guaranteed to see positive changes in your inner and outer life. To join us and deepen your level of responsibility towards the planet, please register now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This training program is unlike anything you have experienced before ...

Why is the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training and WPD Mastery Program Different From Other Teleseminars?

Why Is the WPD Facilitator Training 8 Modules Long, and the WPD Mastery Program 4 Modules Long?

Do I get a Discount if I Bring Others with Me?

What Can I Expect After Participating in this program?

How Do I Know If This Program is Worth the Investment?

Will You Provide Resources to Help Me Maximize My Experience in this Educational Program?

How Can I Continue My Education After the Facilitator Training is Complete?

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WPD Mastery Program
Curriculum Modules

Module 1 – Revealing the Hidden Programs

Goals: to reveal the hidden dimensions of our cultural programming that undermine our happiness, health, wisdom, and abundance, and to become knowledgeable about the foundation of both personal and social transformation and liberation.

Material – Chapters 1 – 4 of The World Peace Diet

1. Self-understanding as the basis of happiness.
2. How the cultural hijacking of our innate wisdom divides us.
3. The hidden scripts in the meals and food choices our culture propagates, and how they create disease and disconnectedness.
4. The five levels of health and their relationship to food choices and to reclaiming joy, inner peace, abundance, and harmonious relationships.
5. The “language of denial” and its connection to disempowerment and the I-it sense of self.
6. The fascinating relationship between herding animals, war, the domination of women, elitism/privilege, and the establishment of a wealthy ruling class.
7. The core spiritual breakthrough that opens the door to new possibilities of health and freedom.
8. The fundamental universal principle and how we are taught to disobey it relentlessly, and how this inevitably causes suffering, and how we can unlearn this and liberate our lives and consciousness.
9. The importance of “leaving home” for personal freedom, and for positive cultural evolution.

Module 2 – Understanding the Foundations of Health

Goals: to understand the foundations of physical, psychological., and spiritual health and the interconnectedness of all dimensions of our lives with each other, and with the larger wholes in which we are embedded.

Material – Chapters 5 – 9 of The World Peace Diet

1. From a physiological point of view, the foods we are designed to eat.
2. What types of foods contain toxins, and the effects of these, and which foods and practices help us eliminate toxins.
3. Animal agriculture and its connection to the medical-pharmaceutical complex, and the hidden consequences of participating in our culturally-mandated meals.
4. Why disease “runs in the family.”
5. The consequences of fishing, aquaculture, and eating aquatic animal foods.
6. The dark side of the dairy and egg industries, and how we can free ourselves by freeing others.
7. How Sophia, our inner feminine wisdom, has been repressed by our culture, and how we can resurrect Sophia in our lives and consciousness, and the enormous benefits of this.
8. How to heal the limiting, materialistic orientation that our culture injects us with, and see more deeply into the foundations of our lives as eternal consciousness, awareness, love, and interconnectedness.
9. Understanding the basic similarity of our culture’s institutions of science and religion, and how they both delude and disempower us, and how we are creating new forms of science and religion that are liberating and empowering

Module 3 – Awakening Our Capacities to Know and to Serve

Goals: to awaken our capacity to serve the benevolent transformation that is rippling through our culture, and to deepen our intuitive connection with the unerring wisdom within us.

Material – Chapters 10 – 14 of The World Peace Diet

1. How violence anywhere hurts all of us, and kindness anywhere helps all of us.
2. How boys/men are disconnected from natural feelings of tenderness and mercy, and the benefits of reconnecting with these feelings through specific actions and attitudes.
3. The ecological implications of eating animal-based foods: learning to look beyond the surfaces to the underlying dynamics
4. The importance of wildlife in our lives and our connection with all nonhuman animals.
5. How rationalizations reduce our wisdom, compassion, sensitivity, and capacity for happiness, and how to short-circuit the stultifying rationalizations planted in us by our culture’s programs and stories.
6. Why veganism, properly understood, is not an option, is nothing to be proud of, is natural, ancient, and connects us with our future and with our intuitive wisdom.
7. The interconnection between kindness in action, inner peace, creativity, spiritual realization, and social progress.
8. The power of community and how we can create and nurture it.
9. Understanding our personal heroic/sheroic journey, and how our journeys are all interconnected and mutually supporting.

Module 4 – Living the Transformation

Goals: to authentically deepen our embodiment of the benevolent revolution that our future is calling forth, and to more clearly live the truth of the interconnectedness of all life, and our own life as a beautiful, creative celebration that brings unique and meaningful blessings to others and to our world.

Material – Chapter 15 of The World Peace Diet, and contemporary sources

1. The keys to joyful and healthy living.
2. How to most effectively contribute to the benevolent vegan revolution of nonviolence.
3. Overcoming culturally-instilled desensitization and indifference.
4. Understanding the dynamics of the shadow archetype in cultural and personal consciousness.
5. How comprehending the victim/perpetrator/bystander roles empowers positive transformation.
6. The significance of yin and yang energies, foods, and lifestyle habits.
7. How we most effectively embody the change we’d like to see in the world.
8. Current issues in vegan, vegetarian, raw, natural, local, organic, veganic, and humane approaches to food and agriculture.
9. How we can best prepare ourselves for the new world we are entering, individually and collectively. How we can realize abundance and noncausal joy in our lives.

Dr. Will Tuttle with rescued sheep from animal Sanctuary Facilitator

WPD Facilitator Training
Curriculum Modules

Each module has a specific intended purpose and outcome that will deepen your learning experience. Here is a preview of what you will experience in the eight modules of the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training.

Module 1: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 1 – Foundations of Inner and Outer Peace

Chapters One and Two: Food’s Power; Our Culture’s Roots


* Gaining an empowering understanding of the roots of our culture’s multiple crises.

* Realizing our unique individual potential to contribute to the healing of our world and thus to tap undiscovered reserves of creativity, joy, freedom, and meaning.

* Illuminating both the history and future of our species through the lens of our relationship with animals, and how the quality of these relationships is reflected in our relationships with each other.

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. Food as cultural force and psycho-spiritual metaphor.
  2. Eating and the culture of denial.
  3. The I-Thou vs. I-It sense of self, and the role of meal rituals
  4. Our culture as essentially a herding culture, and the significance of this.
  5. What is veganism, exactly? What are its roots and its implications?
  6. The Pythagorean Principle and its relationship to spiritual awakening and positive cultural change.
  7. Why do we eat the foods we are eating?

Module 2: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 2 – Invisible Cultural Indoctrination and Freeing Ourselves From It

Chapters Three and Four: The Nature of Intelligence; Inheriting our Food Choices

* Understanding the power of community in shaping consciousness and behavior.

* Illuminating the dark shadow of violence to animals and tracking the fascinating repercussions of this violence.

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. Omnivorism as metaphor for our culture’s basic orientation.
  2. The nature of intelligence and purpose; ethical intelligence
  3. As we sow, we reap: the amazing consequences of our violence toward animals for food
  4. The three primary reasons we eat animal foods: indoctrination, social pressure, taste.
  5. The significance and power of leaving home.

Module 3: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 3 – Theory and Practice of Plant-based nutrition

Chapter Five: The Intelligence of Human Physiology


* Deep questioning of the cultural assumptions about our basic physiology.

* Discovering the foundations of optimal nutrition of body and mind

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. Comparative anatomy of humans with other animals.
  2. The gift of our physiology and psychology.
  3. Toxins, disease, and industry profitability and control.
  4. Important information on Fat, protein, and nutrients.
  5. The placebo effect and its positive significance.
  6. The essentials-- Our body, our friend.

Module 4: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 4 – Fish, Dairy, Eggs, and the Mentality of Domination

Chapters Six and Seven: Hunting and Herding Sea Life; The Domination of the Feminine


* Understanding the mechanisms of fish, dairy, and egg production

* Connecting with the power of Sophia—the sacred feminine—to transform our behavior and consciousness

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. The consequences of aquaculture and of fishing operations.
  2. The intelligence and sensitivity of aquatic animals and ocean ecosystems.
  3. Cows and chickens as mothers and sisters, and the consequences of our routine cruelty toward them.
  4. The repression of Sophia by our culture’s food rituals, and ways we can break free of this and revive Sophia in ourselves and in our world.
  5. Positive alternatives to animal-based foods, and partnering with Sophia within to spread the message to others.

Module 5: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 5 – Transcending Materialism: Upgrading Science, Religion, and Work to Heal our World

Chapters Eight, Nine, and Ten – The Metaphysics of Food; Reductionist Science and Religion; The Dilemma of Work

* Investigating the vibratory nature of reality and its significance.

* Exploring the roles of science and religion to both enslave and liberate people, animals, and culture.

* Understanding the consequences of our culture’s core orientation toward work.

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. The connections between eating animal-sourced foods and violence toward others, as well as shame and low self-esteem.
  2. How we can enter the flow of love, joy, prosperity, radiant health, freedom, and creative self-expression.
  3. Reductionist science and religion as the twin sons of the herding culture: bickering brothers, and their mortal hatred of Sophia.
  4. Understanding the myth of evil, and undoing its power to control and dominate us.
  5. Examining the core work in our culture, and the mentality it requires.
  6. How we can co-create employment opportunities based on celebrating and protecting life, and the power of communities to bring healing to our world.

Module 6: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 6 – Ecological impacts of omnivorism, and effective advocacy for animals, people, and the Earth

Chapters Eleven and Twelve: Profiting From Destruction; Some Objections Answered

* Examining the consequences of industrializing food and farms.

* Understanding the role of transnational corporations and financial institutions in promoting animal foods.

* Questioning the erroneous rationalizations that enslave and diminish us and others.

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. The environmentally devastating consequences of animal agriculture, and the further implications of this for all of us.
  2. The relationship between the medical-pharmaceutical-media complex and the military-industrial-meat complex.
  3. The stories we’ve been told by our culture and how to liberate ourselves and others from their damaging effects.
  4. The significance of paradigms, and how they are changed and transcended.
  5. How transforming food choices can transform our culture and individual lives.

Module 7: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 7 – Spiritual Health and the Interconnectedness of All Life

Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen: Evolve or Dissolve; Journey of Transformation

* Shedding light on the hidden cycles of violence.

* Awakening spiritually to love as the ultimate (and only) force and reality.

* Opening the inner gateways of intuition to live authentically and with integrity and purpose.

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. The shadow archetype and its power to wound and separate.
  2. The intuitive imperative and our evolution.
  3. The mutual interdependence of shojin and samadhi: outer kindness and inner peace.
  4. The vegan imperative and living its message of liberation for all beings.
  5. Our individual journeys and our precious interconnectedness as teachers, healers, mentors, advisors, co-creators, and pioneers of a new world.

Module 8: World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

Module 8 – The Transformation of Humanity and Living Our Role In It

Chapter Fifteen: Living the Revolution

* Celebrating the power of community to educate, lead, and inspire.

* Giving birth to higher visions and new ways of relating based on kindness and respect for all.

* Being the change we’d like to see in the world.

Here's What We'll Be Discovering Together:
  1. Building our bodies and lives, one brick (thought, word, act) at a time.
  2. Effectively sharing the World Peace Diet vision of a new future.
  3. Responding to the pushback: local, humane, free-range, permaculture, aquaculture, primal, etc.
  4. Practical tips for facilitating WPD book study groups.
  5. Effective and enjoyable ways to promote vegan study groups, cooking classes, mentoring, and veg community building wherever you happen to be
  6. Opportunities for further collaboration with like-minded people to bring peace, healing, freedom, and abundance to our world.

Dr. Will Tuttle with rescued sheep from animal Sanctuary ...a society with the skills and compassion to solve the most pressing challenges of our time, successfully, joyfully, and in harmony.

...all of us joyfully contributing our unique gifts and cooperating to create beauty and enjoy the abundance of our healthy Earth.

...making kind and healthy choices naturally in every aspect of our lives.

...being the change we'd like to see in the world so that we easily influence friends and family toward wise planetary choices, without creating resentment or distance.

Imagine the world we can create!

The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training Program is created by Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, to provide the keys to creating such a world.

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